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The Moon Goddess Collection

Moonstones & Stardust

Waist Beads

14k-24k Solid Gold Beaded Waist Chains

  • Loc Jewelry(beaded, solid gold chains, and genuine crystals, gemstones, & our exclusives)

  • Head Pieces(from beaded to solid gold)

  • Rings(made with solid gold)

  • Body Chains

  • Arm Beads/Chains

  • Thigh Beads/Leg/Chains

  • Anklets/Chains

  • Nose Rings

  • Toe Rings

  • Ear Cuffs/Chains

  • Face Chains

  • 14k Beaded Waist Chains

  • 14k Traditional  Waist Beads

  • 14k Waist Crystals

  • 14k Waist Chains

  • Mask Chains

  • Exclusives available only to Jessie Benella® Groups 

  • Phone Crystals

  • Car Accessories

  • Home Decor/Accessories

  • Interior & Exterior Home Designs, Staging, & Remodeling

  • Jessie Benella® x Jnycole Collection

  • Styled By Jessie Benella®

  • Handbags by Jessie Benella®

  • Eyewear by Jessie Benella®

  • Custom Made Items Created with Solid Gold, Crystal, Gemstones, Leather, & Silk

In 2005 I created the 14-24k Solid Gold Beaded Waist Chain to honor our Black American Tribal Family, who are Descendants of  Black African Slaves. This is not the traditional style waist beads that are strung onto cotton, silk, and polyester threads. This is a Homage of Royalty which is due to our Ancestors that was stripped of their culture and identity. We Are Royalty!



We created this High-End  Solid Gold Style. We string /thread Solid Gold Beads, Natural Crystals, & Natural Gemstones onto a Solid Gold Chain.  Jessie Benella is known for creating all the Luxury items. We do not mix genuine stones of the earth, with fake gold. We must align our stones with genuine material so we can operate at our highest level. It was revealed to us the curse to mixing earthly stones with poor quality material(gold plated, gold -filled, and other, tarnishing materials). So we honor our Ancestors with celebrating Black American Culture here at Jessie Benella.  Our Tribe and our Ancestors whom we invite to our Altar are celebrated.

We need your accurate waist size and not your pants size to ensure the proper fit.


If you stack them or just wear one, our bracelets are stunning. We offer wrap bracelets, chain bracelets, stretch bracelets(for DIY), and wire bracelets. 


The quality of the necklace should match the power of the stone. We are all about being aligned and functioning on our highest level. We are very particular about the material we use. We only offer solid gold or beaded necklace with natural crystals, and gemstones. We string/thread our necklaces onto a solid gold chain.


Earrings are the statement piece to a wardrobe. We love making earrings with stars, moons, chains, crystals, gemstones, leather, and feathers. We will take you on a journey around the world with our custom-made designs.

Other Accessories


WE ONLY OFFER STONES MADE OF THE EARTH(no lab created material)

  •  For Collectors 

  • For Spiritual Purposes

  • For those who just like to wear Crystal Jewelry

  • To Connect to Nature

  • To Ascend Beyond  Dimensions.

  • Sacredness

  • Ancestral  Lineage

  • Self  Healing


Vendors/Wholesales List

Our Free Vendors List to over 5,245 Vendors/Wholesalers. This list is free to people who continue to do business with us. This list ranges from jewelry, flooring, solid gold bars, furniture, fabrics, to auto parts. All of these companies have a direct phone number with a live person to answer all of your questions. I vow that if any of these vendors fail to meet your demands, I will personally refund your order costs from my own pocket. I guarantee that every last one of these vendors are good reputable companies.

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