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Jessie Benella®

Our Story

Many of you know me as J'Nycole's Kloset and The Moon Goddess. I have evolved into The Sun Goddess.  In 2010, I went live from a secret group I created on Facebook. All of my items are handmade and one-of-a-kind pieces. During the beginning years of creating the Kloset, I was a personal stylist, staged homes, a buyer of vintage and designer items, and a licensed cosmetologist. As a young child, I considered myself a fashion designer. I would take the strangest things and make jewelry or a outfit out of it. My Grandmother is the reason I fell in love with crystals, as a very young child(5 or 6 years old). I would stare up at the night's sky and fall in love with the Universe. Then as I began to learn who my Ancestors are, something magical happened. It's power in my lineage.

I was so excited creating genuine gold waist beads over in 2003(stringing/threading them on 14k chains in 2005). I started creating waist beads in high school. You will see many items made with moonstones, opals, stars, gold chains, and moons. Here at Jessie Benella®, we are all about honoring our ancestors, uplifting our culture, and respecting the Universe. Nature leads and guides us.

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