Creating Magic

Moonstones & Stardust

Jessie Benella is the creator of the 14k Solid Gold Beaded Waist Chain/ Waist Bead. We have been stringing our Solid Gold Beads, Natural Crystals, and Natural Gemstones onto a 14k-24k Solid Gold Chain since 2005.  We only offer Solid Gold so we can give you High-End and Luxury items. We do not sell gold-filled or gold plated material. Luxury and High-End is for the Goddesses. This is where The 14k Luxury Waist Beads, 14k Solid Gold Waist Beads, 14k Waist Crystals, & 14k Crystal Waist Beads all started. I turned my lifestyle into my business. Jessie Benella® is a lifestyle.